Words matter.  They should mean something.  With that in mind I have a confession.  I use the word literal literally to much and not in the right context.  I use the world literal when I, in reality mean figurative.  When I say that my mind is literally blown, my brains are not actually falling from the ceiling getting grey matter all over my laptop.  When I say I am literally starving, I am not actually skin and bones with nothing to eat and no way to get food.  When I say that I am literally going crazy, there is no clinical diagnosis where people in white coats need to take me away for my safety or the safety of others.  What I really mean is that I am shocked, I want a pizza, and that I would like someone else to take my children for an afternoon.  Words matter and I have used them wrong.  I am sorry, and if I do this again feel free to call me on this egregious oversight, I literally want you to.