Hello Internet, or World, Vastness of the Cosmos.  This is me, Amanda, wife of Husband, mother of four, semi-professional photographer, arm chair philosopher, former PTSO vice president, current leader of the church tech team, digital scrapbooker, faux graphic designer, self taught historian, half-way decent cook, horrible housecleaner, and basic Jill-of-all-trades.  Well at least I try to be.  I also aspire to become at least halfway proficient at whatever interest my children happen to be involved in.

After a fun troop meeting last night Uno, the 9 year old girl child, wishes to be a structural engineer.  The concoctions out of trash that have been devised lately are more artistic than structural lately, but it is the thought that counts.  Uno may also be referred to as The Clone from time to time.

Dos is the girl child of 6, and her current interest that takes up the majority of our time together is music.  Piano to be precise.  I struck a deal recently with a good friend where I trade photos for piano lessons and am now reteaching myself how to read music and very basic musical theory so I can help her mid week between lessons.  I also refer to Dos as The Blonde every once in a while.

Tres, the 4 year old boy child, constantly constructs forts from pillows and bed sheets.  He is also slightly obsessed with all things lego and pirate.  I would say he was easy to keep up with if he didn’t run so fast, or if he had in off switch.  I also call him The Boy from time to time, but I may soon have to find a different name soon, mostly because of…

Quatro, another boy child claiming only 1 year of life, but that could be considered a great accomplishment surviving me as a mom for a whole year, but that is another story.  His interests involve hugging stuffed animals and trying to eat whatever is on the floor.  I spend a large part of my day taking Tres’ legos away from Quatro.  My other name for Quatro is The Baby for obvious reasons.

My thoughts, feeling, passions, and ideas seem to change from one day to the next depending on what is going on; with myself, with my family, in the world in general.  My hope for this blog is that I can chronicle that progression.  Life is a journey, feel free to follow mine.