I have been asked by my girls troop leader, along with another mom to help produce a monthly newsletter.  I was not aware of how daunting a task that this would be.  I’ve done church flyers and postcards and posters.  The kids invites to birthday parties are stellar and the valentines that they give out every year are the talk of the play ground.  I continue to receive compliments on the Christmas cards we send out well into the summer.  When it comes to putting together a good comprehensive design integrated with photos, I am pretty awesome at.  But this newsletter is something different.

1st issue from a design perspective.  The other mom is the wordsmith of this operation.  And she believes in content.  Lots and Lots of content.  We are featuring two girls in the inaugural newsletter and some of their artwork.  Every article needs at least one picture if not more and we cannot have to many.  And when I said she was a wordsmith I meant it.  She wrote tons on everything.  One of the articles was three pages long.  Ok it was a large font, but my statement still stands.  Making this into a coherent, and flowing newsletter would not be as big in issue for a multi-page spread but this is suppose to be an e-mailed newsletter!

2nd issue.  An e-mailed newsletter!  It needs coding!  Coding!  I don’t know how to code!   Coding is like a language all in itself.  A language that I don’t speak.  And it looks very intimidating.  Intimidating and scary.  Like if I get it wrong the internet trolls will all get clubs, find me, and beat me. To death.  Don’t laugh, I actually feel this way. Plus coding for e-mails is harder than regular coding.  Something about e-mail clients never getting the memo that the browser wars were over.  I didn’t fully understand it, but if enough internet trolls say it, it has to be true, right?  Well, codding, yay.

After dwelling on these issues a bit I realized that I was fretting my way out of an opportunity.  These were not issues but challenges.  Challenges that needed to be risen to.  Yes this would take more time and effort than all my previous projects.  But I am being asked to shoot for the moon.  I shouldn’t just throw in the towel but instead just go for it, shoot for the moon, and see how close I can get.  Wish me luck.