My day has been tiring and I want to be done.  Done.  But I am not done.  I am almost done.  But my work is not yet finished. Today I exercised my passion and my passion turned into work.  Lots of work

Today was Make A Difference Day.  Every year my church has lots of fun projects that they do around the city and for the last 4 years or so I have been taking the photos to commemorate the event.  I am the historian, creating the Ebeneezer Stone to memorialize the event. Well they want to post fun slides of the event at the next church service.  Make A Difference Day is on a Saturday.  For those that don’t attend any sort of church service those happen on Sunday.  So take photos on Saturday, Have them ready and in slide form on Sunday, THE VERY NEXT DAY!!!

I am not taking quick snapshots from my phone.  I’m taking actual photos from my DSLR.  For those that don’t know, that means my camera is a ‘good’ camera, or at least better than any camera phone that you got.  And I don’t just take some silly snapshots.  I sit and try to compose the shot.  I go for heart felt meaningful expressions, and that says something when taking photos of people painting, or sweeping, or just making coffee for all the volunteers.  I care.

I care and I want to show the effort and results of all the hard volunteers.  That involves lots of photos.  Lots of photos that I spent three hours in the sun taking.  I came home and wanted a nap.  Instead I dumped all the photos on my computer I went to editing.  My workflow in Lightroom is fairly efficient right now so I was able to get all the photos edited and then posted to the Facebook page.  It was after the optimum time to post to Facebook but these kind of things tend to get enough likes even after optimum time that it always goes a little viral (well at least viral in our little church world).

But that is not what I need to get done still.  What I need to get done still is the slides.  The slides are collages and I always do them in a kind of fun mix.  Fun background with families volunteering together before and after photos.  And that is where I am.  My brain is a little fried, creatively speaking.  I want to go to bed.  All the other volunteers came home from volunteering and took naps, while I put my nose the the grindstone.  I’ve only done about a third of the slides for tomorrow and I know I won’t have time in the morning but I wanna just curl up in bed, read a good book on the couch, anything but those slides.  Shoot, I’m writing this blog right now because it gives me a break.

But alas, I will finish, sometime before midnight or so.  Everyone likes seeing the hard work that was accomplished on the slides in the morning and to be honest I like the small accolades I receive for the photos taken.  So back to work.  Or I might get a snack first, we’ll see.